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How strong is your passport? How strong is your passport?

Which is the most useful passport in the world…and how useful is the Croatian passport

Written by  Oct 30, 2017

According to the latest Arton Capital's Passport Index, Singapore has ‘’the most powerful’’ passport in the world, whilst Croatia has placed as the 14th on the list.

Arton Capital’s Passport Index is the world’s most popular online interactive tool, which collects, displays and ranks the passports of over 190 world countries.

Earlier this year, Croatia was in the 15th place, according to this index, however, the country made a step forward and now it shares the 14th place with Brazil. And in 2015 the Croatian passport was ranked in 17th position. 

The passport value is determined by a set of parameters; however, the visa is the most important of them.

Singapore has the most powerful passport in the world because its citizens can travel to the largest number of world countries visa-free. The country is followed by Germany (2nd), Sweden, South Korea (3rd), Denmark, Finland, Italy, France, Spain, Norway, Japan, United Kingdom (4th), whilst Luxembourg, Switzerland, the Netherlands, Belgium, Austria and Portugal are in the 5th place on the list.

It is interesting to note that the US passport is ranked as the sixth most powerful passport in the world after Donald Trump became the President, because Turkey and Central African Republic re-introduced visas for Americans.

As far as Croatian passport is concerned, Croats can travel to 144 countries around the globe visa-free; however, the visa is required for Croatian citizens going to almost all African and Middle Eastern countries, as well as to Russia and the United States. In total Croatians have to apply for visas for travel in 54 countries, including the USA, Australia and Russia. 

In addition, as Croatia is the EU member country, the Croatian passport is much more powerful than passports of all the other Balkan countries. Only the Slovenian passport is ''stronger'' than Croatian, it ranked as the 10th on the Arton Capital’s Passport Index.

The bottom five world’s countries with ‘’the weakest passport’’ are Somalia, Syria, Pakistan, Iraq and Afghanistan.

passport colours of the world

Map of the passports colours of the world - Passport Index 

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