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Brexit might open the door for Croatians Brexit might open the door for Croatians

Could Brexit mean an early entrance for Croatian workers to the UK

Written by  Oct 25, 2017

According to unofficial information, the Croatian government is trying to use the negotiations between Great Britain and the European Union about Brexit in order for the UK to open its labour market for Croatian citizens.

When it comes to Croatian citizens on the labour market in the UK, they are in a very specific situation because, unlike other Europeans, they are still required to have working permits to work in the country.

This limitation, which is currently in force until the 30th of June 2018, Great Britain can prolong for two more years if it proves that the opening of the British market for Croatian citizens would lead to serious market disturbances. However, diplomatic sources state that Croatia considers this prolongation unfounded.

The British ambassador to Croatia Andrew Dalgleish pointed out that it is quite clear how much this issue is important to Croatia.

‘’At this moment I cannot tell you what will be the decision. However, what I can tell you is that the UK government is absolutely aware of the importance of this issue for Croatia and that we want Croatian citizens in the UK, after Brexit, to have the same rights and responsibilities as all other EU citizens’’.

Dalgleish also added that the UK does not want to have one regime for Croats and one for citizens of other EU member countries. ‘’The decision has not been reached yet, but we certainly take into consideration the importance of this issue for Croatia, which is a valuable bilateral partner of the United Kingdom and our ally in the UN and NATO’’, commented Dalgleish.

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