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Europe short on butter – Croatia feels it too

Written by  Oct 25, 2017

Lately big topic in the European cooking world is shortage of butter. It’s making the butter cost a lot more than before, as well as the products connected to it.

The lack of butter is a reflection of the major fall of milk production in Europe and is especially felt in France where butter is used in large amounts for the production of bakery products – writes

Some stores in France have informed their costumers about the problem with signs placed on their windows, saying that they are not selling certain bakery products anymore due to lack of butter.  

In France, butter prices rose by as much as 60 percent this year, official data shows, and this will be felt even more  pre-Christmas time when cakes and other products may be missing.

Butter prices have also increased in Croatia as a result of global price movements. The price of butter is on average about 25 kuna per 250 grams, which is around three euro. It is expected that prices will get even higher, also during the pre-Christmas period. Some even went that far in speculating, saying that this might be a year without cakes and cookies for Christmas in Croatia.

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