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Barely making ends meet Barely making ends meet

50 percent of Croatian pensioners on poverty line

By  Oct 24, 2017

The Croatian Pensioner Society (MUH), the largest pensioner’s organization in Croatia, warns that 50 percent of pensioners in Croatia live on the brink of poverty.

Around 570,000 Croatian pensioners receive an average pension of 1,348 Kunas, which remains behind the rise in salaries by 2,55 percent, the most in the last 18 years.

These data only confirm that a large number of elderly people in Croatia live in poverty, that many of them receive an income that is below the level of social assistance and that the situation is worrisome.

The Croatian Pensioner Society (MUH) also stated that, according to the latest data, all pensioners in Croatia who acquired their pensions in accordance to the Pension Insurance Act, on the average receive 2,314 Kunas a month, which accounts for only 38,4 percent of the average salary of 6,018 Kunas.

It is interesting to note that in comparison to neighbouring countries, Croatian pensioners are among the poorest pensioners in the region.