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What is the most common surname in Croatia What is the most common surname in Croatia

And the most common surname in Croatia is…

By  Oct 24, 2017

Forebears is an interesting website that show how common your surname is and where your family originated from.
The website collects genealogical data from numerous historical books from a whole array of world countries, sorts them and shows the distribution of surnames around the globe.

According to Forebears data, the world's most common surname is Wang. More than 76 million people share that same surname and most of them live in China. In fact, among the ten most common surnames in the world, seven of them can be found in China, whilst the remaining three are most common in India.

On the other hand, Smith is the most common surname in Great Britain, Australia and the United States. There are more than 4 million people in the world who bear that surname; however, it ranks only as the world’s 117th most common surname.

As far as Croatia is concerned, the Forebears data show that the most common surname in the country is Horvat, followed by Novak, Marić, Kovačević, Babić, Kovačić, Jurić, Matić, Petrović and Marković.