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Gender equality highlighted in EU survey  Gender equality highlighted in EU survey

Croatia is still a man’s world as gender equality one of the worst in Europe

Written by  Oct 15, 2017

Among all European Union member countries, the highest equality between men and women is observed in Sweden and the lowest in Greece. As far as Croatia is concerned, the country is in the 24th place, reported the European Institute for Gender Equality, pointing out that the EU is progressing but very slow.

According to the 2017 Report on equality between women and men in the EU carried out by the European Institute, Sweden is the most gender-equal country with 82,6 points out of 100, whilst Greece is among the worst with 50 points. A reward for the biggest progress goes to Italy, which made a big step forward, won additional 12, 9 points, and placed as the 14th on the gender equality list for 2017.

When it comes to Croatia, the country is among the worst countries in the European Union with 53,1 points. Croatia is followed by Greece, Hungary, Romania and Slovakia.

The best EU member countries for gender equality are Sweden, Denmark, Finland and the Netherlands. The European average is 66,2 points.

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