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World says goodbye to Hugh Hefner World says goodbye to Hugh Hefner

I am deeply honoured to be a part of history – Ana Perduv

By  Sep 29, 2017

Ladies from all over the globe, who had a privilege to be on the cover of the cult magazine Playboy, are saying goodbye to Hugh Hefner.

Among so many beautiful women, the most popular magazine for men once featured a girl from Croatia, actually the city of Zadar, a home of the pin up model Ana Perduv.

‘’They published a short story about me, my tattoos, a unique dress style etc. When the magazine offered me an interview, I was honoured. Playboy is a classic, whose cover featured numerous stunning women as well as my role models such as Marilyn Monroe and Dita Von Teese. I am deeply honoured to be part of that history and I hope that my photo will be on the magazine’s cover soon’’, commented Perduv.

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