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Croatia leading the world with green innovations

By  Sep 29, 2017

After the great success of Croatian smart benches on world markets, the country has presented one more green invention.

The city of Rijeka has become a home of a smart parasol presented by a local innovator Sasa Muscet and set up on the famous city’s promenade Korzo.

The smart parasol with solar panels is a design innovation because the shape of a parasol was added a new function. It is a metal construction in the form and purpose of a parasol with solar panels that charge the accumulator that provides electric power for charging mobile devices, primarily cell phones.

The parasol construction was designed to be protected against stealing, and it is relatively easy to install and transport.

sun umbrella smart croatia

This smart invention can be set up independently on beaches, excursion spots and other similar places, as well as on open public areas such as walkways, squares etc. along with smart benches and form a kind of solar park.

The possibilities of use are almost limitless because the functionality and use of a smart parasol does not require the connection to the power grid due to the solar energy accumulated by solar panels.

It is interesting to note that the 57-year-old innovator Sasa Muscet won a gold medal for his successful performance at the 41st Croatian International Innovation Fair INOVA 2016 and was selected for Best Innovation in Tourism among 450 innovations from 22 countries.

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