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Poverty level rising in Croatia Poverty level rising in Croatia

Twenty percent of people in Croatia at risk of poverty

Written by  Sep 23, 2017

According to the final results on Income Poverty survey carried out by the Croatian Bureau of Statistics (DSZ), the poverty risk rate in Croatia was 19,9 percent in 2016, whilst 28,5 percent of people were at risk of poverty or social exclusion.

The poverty threshold in 2016 for one-adult household was 25,668 Kunas a year, whilst a household with two adults and two children under the age of 14 amounted to 53,903 Kunas.

The data also show that last year the risk poverty rate for coastal Croatia was 15,8 percent, whilst for continental Croatia it was 21,9 percent. A difference by gender was also observed; the risk poverty rate was higher for women (30,8 %) than men (23,8 %).
Last year's risk poverty rate of almost 20 percent was slightly lower than in 2012, when it was 20,4 percent.

Comparison to other EU member countries indicates that last year the highest rate of poverty risk was recorded in Romania (25,3%), followed by Bulgaria (22,9%) and Spain (22,3%). On the other hand, the lowest rates were observed in the Czech Republic (9,7%), Finland (11,6%), Denmark(11,9%), Slovakia (12,7%) and the Netherlands (12,8%).

Furthermore, Bulgaria recorded the highest number of people at risk of poverty or social exclusion (40,4%), followed by Romania (38,8%) and Greece (35,6%), whilst the Czech Republic (13,3%), Finland (16,6%), Denmark (16,7%) and the Netherlands (16,8%) recorded the lowest number of people at risk poverty or social exclusion.

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