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Halal food on the increase in Croatia Halal food on the increase in Croatia

Croatia a European leader in halal food

By  Sep 21, 2017

''The Croatian food industry and tourism have today found their place on one of the fastest growing world markets worth $2,000 billion a year. Moreover, we have positioned ourselves as leaders in the region and in Europe'', commented Luka Burilovic, the president of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) on the occasion of signing an agreement between the Islamic Community in Croatia and HGK on the 19th of September 2017.

A meeting of Croatian entrepreneurs with a distributor in the food industry MHP Food Trading from Dubai was also organized, as part of the presentation ceremony of the jubilee 100th halal certificate to the Croatian company Ljekovite gljive d.d.

On this occasion, the president of the Islamic Community in Croatia Dr Aziz effendi Hasanovic expressed his satisfaction with the cooperation with the HGK so far and his wish to continue promotion of halal values.

''The Croatian Chamber of Commerce has recognized us as a serious partner with whom we can raise the competitiveness and producers' quality to a higher level thus help all of those who want to open their market business operations to countries in the region and to more distant markets. By signing this agreement with the HGK, we will surely bring our cooperation to a higher level committing ourselves to promoting halal values as a healthy lifestyle'', commented Hasanovic.

The director of the Halal Quality Certification Centre Aldin Dugonjic confirmed the successful business operations of Halal certified companies by saying, ''We conducted a survey among producers and service providers with the Halal certificate. Our results show that 67 percent of Halal certified companies increased their profits, whilst 88 percent of hoteliers with Halal certificate recorded an increase in the number of overnight stays''.