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Croatian scientists invent a test that predicts diabetes

By  Sep 19, 2017

Croatian scientists have acheived groundbreaking success – they are the first in the world to invent a test that could predict diabetes! They discovered markers that show if a person can get diabetes in order to prevent it – reports Croatian radio-television (HRT).
HRT talked with one of the scientists, prof.dr. Gordan Lauc.

- Thanks to the revolutionary discovery of our scientists, the illness can be delayed and prevented -Lauc said and added that diabetes is to a large extent caused by our habits – eating too much and not moving enough.

- This test will show if a person is at a risk of getting diabetes within a few years and we hope that the test will encourage people to change their lifestyle - he explained.

It is a biomarker test on which 1,500 people have been working on for five years. The first phase of the clinical research has already been completed. The second phase will be conducted in China, Germany and Croatia. In Croatia, 2,000 patients will be included in the research, recruited by their family doctors.

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