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New eatery in Zagreb New eatery in Zagreb

New York style cuisine comes to Croatia with burger and champagne bars

Written by  Sep 12, 2017

After opening the first ''50'' burger&champagne bar on the island of Hvar, the same bar was opened in the heart of the Croatian capital earlier this year in April.

The ''50'' burger&champagne bar opened by a New Yorker Adena Lavin is a concept that approaches the gastronomic scene of the Big Apple to the Croatian citizens.

At first sight, a mixture of hamburgers and champagne is not common, however, Adena learned that this combination proved a real hit. The number 50 in the name of the bar is actually Adena's nickname because she spent half of her life between New York and Hong Kong.

''I fell in love with Zagreb at first sight. It is a city with a unique atmosphere and I am happy to give Zagreb the opportunity to get closer to the gastro scene of New York'', commented Adena.

The bar offers a whole array of quality champagne such as Collard Picard Brut, Delamotte, Fleury and Serge Mathieu as well as Croatian brands Tomac, Kolaric, and Sember.

The most popular hamburger on the offer is La Tartuffe with foie gras, cheese with truffles, aioli with truffles and fresh grated truffles. In addition to La Tartuffe, there are also Classic, Mediterranean, Lambs and Hvar burgers as well as French fries, salads and desserts.

It is interesting to note that the bar offers burgers for vegetarians made of quinoa, seven sorts of mushrooms, cheese, eggs and peppers.

The ''50'' burger&champagne bar has also given its touch to classic American dishes such as Philly Cheese steak and Shrimp Po'Boy. Even though they prepare these dishes in American way, all ingredients originate from small local farms in Croatia. Due to insisting on the use of fresh foodstuffs, the menu is a subject to change.