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VR brings life to ancient Pula VR brings life to ancient Pula

Virtual Reality brings Croatian city to life

By  Sep 10, 2017

Visitors to the ancient Croatian city of Pula can see what the city looked like all those centuries ago when it was an important Roman centre with the help of modern technology.

Lithodomos VR is a breakthrough Virtual Reality company that brings the ancient world back to life. “We enable tourists visiting Pula and users all around the world, especially in schools and universities, to explore ancient sites using any smartphone and any VR cardboard viewing device. Our difference is our academic and archaeological accuracy” says Simon Young CEO and Co-founder or Lithodomos VR.

pula arean vr

Visitors to Pula can download the app for 5 Euros and see for themselves what this city looked like with Roman legions roamed the streets. Imagine seeing not just the street level of the ancient stadium, but being able to stand beneath the arena, as if you were waiting to enter and do battle.

This isn’t the first time that Virtual Reality has been used to bring historic cities back to life. According to the company VR is available in Rome and Jerusalem. The new app is available for both on the Apple Store and on Google Play. How long will it be before the same, or a similar app, for Dubrovnik finds its way onto the market.

vr pula arena II

streets of pula vr




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