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IKEA opens in Split IKEA opens in Split

IKEA opens delivery centre in Split

By  Sep 10, 2017

The popular Swedish furniture store IKEA has opened the doors to a delivery centre in Split this week. Located in the busy shopping centre, City Centre One, this newly opened delivery centre will make it easier for customers to receive and order IKEA goods.

But before you get too excited this isn’t actually another IKEA superstore in Croatia this is basically a pick-up point. Customers who order from the IKEA in Zagreb or online will now be able to pick up their goods at the Split delivery centre.

Along with Rijeka and Split, IKEA plans to open several more delivery centres in the region in the upcoming period.

delivery centre split


First of all, products must be ordered via the IKEA online store or purchased in the IKEA Zagreb department store, and customers can then choose the product pick-up option at the delivery centre in Split. After delivering the goods to the delivery centre, the buyer receives a message that the goods are ready for takeover and can be picked up over the next three days.

"By opening our delivery centre in Split, we are moving closer to achieving our goal of bringing IKEA products and solutions closer to our customers and saving them time and money. We are currently focusing on shoppers and we have recently opened the first delivery centre in Rijeka, and now in Split. We are currently reviewing other options in different parts of Croatia and exploring ways to make our offer more accessible to most citizens in Croatia. This also includes improving the delivery cost from the delivery centre to our customer’s homes," said Suzana Rumbak Baretic, the logistics manager of IKEA Zagreb's department store.

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