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Tom Hanks coming to film in Croatia Tom Hanks coming to film in Croatia

Tom Hanks to film blockbuster Black Money Games in Croatia!

By  Sep 09, 2017

Game of Thrones, Star Wars, Robin Hood and Mamma Mia move over Tom Hanks is coming to film in Croatia. The Hollywood A-liner is expected to come to Croatia in the spring of next year to begin recording on the multimillion dollar budget movie Black Money Games directed by Adam Wright.

According to reports the production will be based on the island of Hvar and Tom Hanks will play in the leading role of this $50 million project. Dubrovnik was nearly the location of this latest Croatian movie blockbuster as the production visited Hvar and Dubrovnik before deciding on the Croatian island of Hvar.

black money games

Tom Hanks and Katarina Radivojević to star on Croatian island of Hvar


The main producer is Joe Tufaro of Gold Star Films, whose last three films starred Halle Berry, Arnold Schwarzenegger and Christopher Walken. Croatia will find itself in the film not only as a location but also through significant events in the film. And the film will also star Serbian actress Katarina Radivojević.

Apart from Croatia Black Money Games will also be filmed in Bratislava, Belgrade, Paris and on Cyprus. The plot is a sleuthing action of chasing black money from Eastern Europe to treasured islands on the Adriatic Sea. One female special prosecutor, played by Radivojević, stands up to the thugs and arms dealers, but is soon pitted against the corrupt officials and oligarchs.

It is believed that Hvar will play the treasure island where black money is discovered. Filming of Black Money Games is rumoured to begin this autumn and a release date has been set for August 2018.