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More Visa cards in Croatia than people

Written by  Feb 16, 2016

Croatians spent around 6 billion Euros on their Visa credit cards in 2015. Accoding to Visa Europe spending on Croatian credit cards was up 22 percent on 2014, this figure includes spending online, POS tranactions and cash withdraws from ATMs.

The regional manager of Visa Europe, Davor Krsul, said that the number of Visa cards issued in Croatia in 2015 increased by 12 percent on 2014. Interestingly Visa has issued 4.66 million credit cards in the country, which is more than the total population.

Krsul said cash payments remained the main competition to credit card payments and that globally 70 percent of all payments were made in cash. Visa's general manager for Croatia, Malta, Romania and Slovenia, Catalin Cretu, said that in 2015 Visa Europe posted record profits of EUR 2.31 billion, up 25% on the year.

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