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New concert season in Zagreb New concert season in Zagreb

John Malkovich to open concert season in Zagreb

By  Sep 01, 2017

The brilliant Hollywood actor John Malkovich, the young Russian pianist Anastasia Terenkova and the renowned hornist Radovan Vlatkovic accompanied by the Varazdin Chamber Orchestra are a guarantee of an unforgettable start to the new ‘’Saturday at Lisinski’’ season at the Vatroslav Lisinski Concert Hall in Zagreb this October.

Radovan Vlatkovic is one of the few honorary members of the London Royal Academy of Music. His unique music skills, strength and sophistication will be highlighted in the Concertino for Horn, Celesta, Strings and Percussions by the Croatian composer Bruno Bjelinski, as well as in the Mozart’s Concerto for Horn and Orchestra in E-flat major.

However, the Schnittke Concert for Piano and Strings will precede the Concertino and the Mozart’s concert. It proved an excellent platform for creating a new ‘’crossover classical music piece’’.

Schnittke’s music has a remarkable potential for creating a dialogue between the piano and a narrator’s voice that will bring carefully selected passages from the novel ‘’’On Heroes and Tombs’’ by the Argentine writer Ernesto Sabato.

Malkovich will perform as a narrator alongside the solo performance of the young pianist Anastasya Terenkova. He will portray the voice of Fernando Vidal Olmos, from the chapter titled ‘’The Report on the Blind’’, a cruel and seemingly completely disturbed paranoiac obsessed with the blind and evil.

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