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Hidden beach not so hidden any more Hidden beach not so hidden any more

Hidden Croatian gem gets unwanted attention

By  Aug 31, 2017

A month ago the renowned British newspaper The Telegraph published an article entitled ''Europe's 17 Best Secret Islands'' and selected the 17 most beautiful and less known islands in Europe. Among them was the Croatian island of Vis with its beautiful Stiniva beach.

Stiniva beach

Stiniva Beach to be a location for new Mamma Mia movie  

However, the former hidden gem tucked into the outer Croatian island is now teeming with tourists. For a long time, the Stiniva beach was unknown to a majority of the world; however, there is a strong belief that this hidden pearl of the Adriatic will soon become the target of visitors from all over the world.

After it was declared the most beautiful beach in Europe last year, the Stiniva beach has found its place on the lists of numerous travel and blogging magazines.

However, what will be the future of Vis and its beautiful beach, remains to be seen next season. It seems that ''an island fit for a Bond villain'', as written by the Telegraph Travel's Adrian Bridge, will no longer be a secret island.

Bearing in mind advice given by The Guardian, ‘’It is best to stay on a catamaran while the hordes of tourists disembark on Hvar and proceed to Vis, rent a scooter or ride a bicycle to the beach’’, as well as an upcoming filming of a new sequel of ‘’Mamma Mia!’’ in September, we have reason to believe that Vis will be teeming with tourists next year.

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