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Who do Croatians use social media Who do Croatians use social media

Croatians use more hash tags and Americans have more followers – the story of Instagram

Written by  Aug 30, 2017

Although they differ in many ways, Croats and Americans are quite alike when it comes to the motives of using Instagram.

According to the digital edition of the international magazine Computers in Human Behaviour, Croats are attracted by Instagram’s social interaction, whilst Americans are attracted by the possibility of their own promotion on this social network.

The use of Instagram among Croatian students reflects their collective tendencies, primarily social interaction, however, it is not the case with American students whose use of Instagram reflects their individualistic endeavours such as their own promotion and documentation, says the article written by four authors out of which three are from different American universities and one, Sandra Car, is from the University of Zagreb.

The research offered respondents the possibility of ranking five categories of satisfaction with Instagram: social interaction (e.g. to see what others are publishing about themselves), documentation (remembering special events), redirecting (avoiding loneliness, relaxation or escape from reality), self-promotion (how to become popular) and creativity (to show your photographic skills etc.).

The study was conducted among 293 participants from Croatia, mostly students of social and humanistic studies, and 404 American students, including 72 percent of white people.

When it comes to frequency of Instagram use, there are no big differences between Croatian and American participants; however, the American students on average have 389 followers, twice as many as the Croatian students. On the other hand, Croats are more active in hash tags i.e. in using the keywords related to a topic, which they mark with so-called ‘’ladders’’ (#).

Instagram was launched in October 2010 as a free mobile app that allows users to share pictures and videos either publicly or privately. It currently has more than 600 million active monthly users and is among the most popular social networking applications.

In addition, there are around 670,000 Instagram users in Croatia accounting for 15 percent of the entire Croatian population. In the US, there are around 77,5 million registered Instagram users or around 24 percent of the total US population, according to the research.

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