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Brad Pitt responsible for urban development Brad Pitt responsible for urban development

Brad Pitt triggers urban development of Croatian coastal city

Written by  Aug 27, 2017

Last summer the popular American actor Brad Pitt visited the Croatian coastal city of Sibenik, in order to make arrangements about his future investment in the area, according to the media. However, it seems that the actor did not express any kind of interest in investing in Croatia; he only enjoyed his visit to Sibenik as any other tourist.

It is highly likely that Brad Pitt is not interested in investing in a more than 800 million Euros worth tourist-residential complex that TFI Holding from Switzerland plans to build in the Zablace suburb of Sibenik.

According to unofficial information from one of the local representatives of the investors, they did not lead any serious negotiations with the Hollywood actor but his visit was of a friendly and private matter.

Even though the famous actor is out of the game that he was never part of, his visit proved more than helpful to the local community. The public found out about the planned project as well as potential new investors, whilst the Swiss investors imposed themselves as serious players with relationships and acquaintances all the way to Hollywood.

It is difficult to claim that Brad Pitt was responsible for the change of the General Urban Plan (GUP) of the city of Sibenik, but the fact remains that only a few weeks after his visit, the GUP was changed. Therefore, pine forests, macchia, and olive groves around the Mala Solina Lake became the zone of mixed construction of accommodation facilities and supporting infrastructure.

The investors have already purchased the land mostly from small private owners and now they are waiting for the urban planning of the area to be made, which, according to the local authorities, is to start this autumn.

Furthermore, the next step for the investors is to collect all the necessary construction documentation. They estimate that the construction should start in a year.

The project that is estimated at more than half a billion Euros envisages the construction area of 450,000 square metres with villas, hotels and a marina as well as a school, a surgery and a church. The architect Nikola Basic designed the whole project; he is also responsible for designing the famous Croatian tourist attractions such as the Sea Organ and the Greetings to the Sun in Zadar as well as the walking path through the Sibenik Channel.

The TFI Holding company is a development company, which gathers all interested investors. It is registered in a small town of Wollerau in Switzerland, and is owned by Jean Paul Uldry, who is also a director of the CHR Eko Projekt company headquartered in Sibenik. Founded in 2007, the company was registered for construction of power plants, whilst today it is a tourism and real estate company.

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