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The Croatian President as you have never seen her before The Croatian President as you have never seen her before

Surrealist art from Australia rejected by Croatian President’s office

Written by  Aug 25, 2017

The Croatian President, Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic, returned from her state visit to Australia and New Zealand a few days ago. This was the first official visit of a Croatian President to these two countries in 22 years after Franjo Tudman's last visit to this part of the world.

While touring Australia and New Zealand, lots of interesting news flowed to the homeland, however, the country only recently learned about one of them after the President had returned to Croatia.

According to a local media, during the presidential tour, a small scandal occurred when one of the most famous, most prominent and most expensive Croatian-Australian surrealist painters Charles Bilich wanted to give two of his portraits to the President Grabar-Kitarovic as a gift. However, the protocol did not approve any of these portraits, obviously due to their lack of understanding for the art of Charles Bilich.

The first portrait represents the Croatian president wearing an apron with a Croatian coat of arms design (the popular red and white cubes) and kneading dough with a rolling pin in front of the typical Croatian fireplace with a crucifix above it. Diligent Hansel and Gretel are working around the house; Hansel is carrying woods, whilst his sister Gretel is putting the dishes on the shelf. All and all, the painting is full of the Croatian spirit; however, the Office of the Croatian President did not express any interest in this work of art.

The second portrait represents the President with some kind of helicopter on her head; however, it is not a helicopter but the famous cathedral of Saint James (Katedrala Sv.Jakova) in Sibenik.

In both paintings Kolinda Grabar-Kitarovic looks exceptionally attractive; however, her protocol obviously does not share this opinion. Therefore, the President has neither seen nor received the paintings.