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Sinkovic brothers on Red Bull can Sinkovic brothers on Red Bull can

Sinkovic brothers become first ever Croatian athletes to be featured on Red Bull cans

Written by  Aug 22, 2017

Martin and Valent Sinkovic, the successful Croatian rowers have found their place among top class athletes to be featured on Red Bull cans.

''We are so honoured to be the first Croatian athletes on the Red Bull cans!'', wrote Sinkovic brothers on their Twitter profile.

The brotherly duo, whose successful sport stories are talked about all around the globe, has conquered the world of rowing in only a few years thus confirmed the old saying ''No gains without pains''.

The Sinkovic Brothers have won numerous European and World Championship titles, World Cups, the Olympic gold, they have broken the World Record, and climbed the winning podium 29 times in a row.

After all this huge success in the double skulls discipline, the brothers have decided to change the discipline to the Coxless pairs this year.

Recently, the most successful Croatian sport duo has joined the company of great world athletes such as the Brazilian football player Neymar Jr., Lindsay Vonn, the American alpine ski racer and many others by becoming the first Croatian athletes whose faces adorn the special edition of the Red Bull can.

The Red Bull can featuring the Sinkovic Brothers will soon be available on the Croatian market. In the meantime, Martin and Valent Sinkovic will be preparing for the new discipline, a new competition and a new opportunity to present themselves and try their best in uncharted waters of the next World Championship.

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