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Smart bench a hit all over the world Smart bench a hit all over the world Steora

Dubai places an emergency order for Croatian smart bench

Written by  Aug 21, 2017

Last year a 21-year old Croatian innovator presented his green invention that was recognized on a global scale almost overnight. However, his success was not a short-lived one but has been growing since then.

Ivan Mrvos from Solin near Split and his team are responsible for designing the Steora smart bench; an innovative product ideal for cities, parks, airports, marinas, business and shopping centres. Their main goal is to raise human awareness about renewable energy and environmental protection.

The smart bench includes batteries, which are powered by solar panels; they provide internet access and the possibility to charge mobile phones and laptops by USB charger. It also gathers data about air quality, humidity, city noise, displays advertising, and provides light at night. Interestingly Mrvos and his team developed their own battery system based on the model of Tesla Motors, which is famous for production of electric cars.

So far, smart benches have been introduced and placed all over Croatia, Montenegro, in Sarajevo in Bosnia and Herzegovina as well as in Hong Kong and in front of the European Parliament building in Strasbourg.

Last year Mrvos signed an agreement worth 5,33 million Euros with MTK Renewable Energy Investment to deliver 2,700 smart benches to Australia. Mrvos and his team also sent smart benches to USA, Qatar and Switzerland for testing.

After recent setting up the first smart bench in Dubai, bought by the local police, the same night Ivan Mrvos and his company Include received an order for five more benches for the largest city of the UAE.

''Around 11 pm in the evening, or 1 am Dubai time, we got an emergency order to deliver five new pieces as soon as possible. In 48 hours of logistics madness, we produced five benches with the required configuration, and organized delivery by DHL and Emirates. At the end, the benches have been successfully installed in Dubai'', commented Mrvos on his social media profile.

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