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Live like a hobbit on the Velebit mountain for only 30 Euros a night

Written by  Aug 15, 2017

To those who love hiking and enjoying beautiful landscapes as well as the numerous ''Lord of the Rings'' fans, the Croatian mountain of Velebit will soon introduce a new offer.

After the first sequel of the popular blockbuster ''Lord of the Rings'' conquered the world, people around the globe simply fell in love with the Hobbit lifestyle. Their round, warm and cosy houses instantly became a hit, whilst many hospitality managers seized this opportunity to enrich their accommodation offer with these facilities.

This trend has finally come to Croatia. The Velebit camp has its own Crobbiton, as owners of the camp call it. Crobbiton consists of five houses decorated in a way that every real Hobbit as well as any other creature from Middle-earth can move in right away.

As far as accommodation is concerned, the camp offers three houses for two persons and two houses for four to six persons. The price for accommodation in small houses is 30 Euros, whilst the price for larger houses is 90 Euros per night. Each of them is furnished with beds and shelves, and soon will be wired for electricity.

hobbit hotel croatia

The Crobbit houses are actually hand-made small wooden bungalows with only one room that is furnished with beds and shelves and has round doors and windows.

Construction of the houses is interesting; firstly, the big holes were excavated in which the bungalows were built, and then they were covered with soil in order to create the thermal mass effect. This means that during the summer it will be quite fresh inside, whilst in the winter, the bungalow will keep you warm.

In addition, the roofs of the houses are all covered with grass and flowers in order to preserve the green area. The houses are ideal for children, for whom it is very exciting to sleep in a different type of accommodation.

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