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Maze of corn opens in have never seen this before

Written by  Aug 10, 2017

Croatia has one more interesting attraction – a maze in corn!

The first Croatian maze in corn absolutely thrills both children and adults. It is also the first such project ever seen in this region.

A family farm in Viskovci near Pozega in the Slavonia region is very easily spotted from the air. The maze in corn, which spreads across 8,500 square metres, is located near the farm of pigs owned by the Pilas family. At first glance it resembles crop circles; however, a closer look reveals two pigs.

''In the last few years, we had a tractor and a trailer as well as circles, but how the maze will look like next season, it remains to be seen'', announced Branko Pilas, the owner of the farm.

maze corn pozega


The maze was designed as a fun and educational trail where children practice their skills such as speed, ingenuity, and orientation. They also have an opportunity to learn about plant and animal farming in a Slavonian village. In addition, the hosts also organize birthday parties with animators as well as entertaining competitions such as throwing corn over the shoulder and sack races.

The maze proved quite interesting attraction for children and adults. Some children get a chance to see the pig for the first time in life. If the air temperature is not scorching, the famous Slavonian pigs can be seen in the enclosed part of the farm such as the white pig and a few other breeds.

At the entrance of the maze visitors get a map that helps finding the right path, but sometimes children cross the path through the corn.

The maze in corn on the Pilas family farm is opened from July to the end of October. Then the corn is harvested and a new look is planned for the next summer season.

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