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Escort service on the Adriatic a booming business

Written by  Aug 07, 2017

The Adriatic is popular as a top destination for numerous boaters, however, over the past few years it has been luring rich people who do not find anything too expensive for them thus very often they choose ''ladies of the night'' to keep them company.

Business people, managers, artists, musicians, engineers, doctors, athletes, they all have one thing in common while holidaying on the Adriatic in Croatia – they all want ''ladies of the night'' at their disposal for crazy summer parties even though they are quite familiar with the fact that prostitution in Croatia is illegal.

''They do not mind that, especially because they know that the Adriatic is full of beautiful women. Most of them are at their disposal for socializing thanks to the rustle of Euro banknotes'', explained one of skippers to the Croatian media who more than often meets with such inquiries.

During the summer months, especially in July and August, there are many young women who come to the Adriatic coast and offer sexual services to clients, except for keeping them company during nights out and social gatherings. In addition to the ''classic'' ladies of the night, students, young employed girls as well as handsome mothers also provide ‘‘sea bed service’’.

The skipper added that Croatia with its coast is also recognized around the world as a gay friendly destination thus they have more and more inquiries for male company every day.

''These guests are determined; they are always looking for handsome, muscle-bound nice guys who speak English. Everything usually starts with sex, however, we had a real love story once; after seven days of sailing, the two men became a love couple'', concluded the skipper.

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