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Average salary in Croatia on the rise Average salary in Croatia on the rise

Average salary in May in Croatia amounts to 813 Euros

Written by  Aug 07, 2017

It is a well known fact that countries in Southeast Europe cannot brag with high salaries in comparison to the rest of the European Union, so the question is – how much do Croats and their neighbours actually earn.

According to data for May 2017, the highest average salary in the region was paid in Slovenia and amounted to 1,050,78 Euros, whilst the lowest was recorded in Macedonia, it amounted to only 372,55 Euros.

At the same time, the average salary in Croatia in May amounted to 813,17 Euros, in Montenegro 510 Euros (data for June), Bosnia and Herzegovina 439,71 Euros, and Serbia 409,63 Euros.

It is interesting to note that in comparison to the same period last year, the average salary rose most in Croatia (+63,47 Euros), followed by Serbia (+39,93 Euros) and Slovenia (30,38 Euros), whilst the lowest increase of the average salary was recorded in Bosnia and Herzegovina (11,71 Euros), Macedonia (9,05 Euros) and Montenegro only 7 Euros.

At the end of 2016, the average salary was the highest in Slovenia and amounted to 1,020,40 Euros. The country was followed by Croatia (749,70 Euros), Montenegro (503 Euros), Bosnia and Herzegovina (428 Euros), Serbia (369,70 Euros) and Macedonia (363,50 Euros).

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