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Air conditioning a must at temperatures rise Air conditioning a must at temperatures rise

Rising temperatures lead to highest consumption of electricity in Croatia ever

Written by  Aug 04, 2017

''The maximum load of the power system has been recorded between 2 pm and 3 pm today, whilst high loads are expected in the next following days'', informed the Croatian Operator Transmission System (HOPS) on the 3rd of August 2017.

Due to extremely high temperatures, Croatia recorded high electricity consumption and the maximum load of the Croatian Electric Power System (EES) of 3029 megawatts, which is the new summer maximum in electricity consumption; not only this year but also the highest ever recorded since EES measurements.

So far, the highest maximum in electricity consumption of 3,009 megawatts was recorded in 2015.

The energy needs of the Croatian power system are supplied from domestic power plants and by energy imports. Production in the Croatian Electric Power System supplies around 47 percent of the required energy, whilst imports supply the rest of energy needed. Around 12 percent of the total energy needs are supplied from the Croatian part of the nuclear power plant Krsko.

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