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Hvar withstands all weather in this stunning new video

Written by  Feb 10, 2016

Two years in the making, 350,000 photographs and a stunning background, Hvar – into the storm is a video that will blow you away. The work of the duo Mario Mario Romulic and Drazen Stojcic this recently released video of the Croatian island of Hvar shows the picturesque island in all weather conditions that nature can throw at it.

As the creative dup said “Hvar may well be "the sunniest Croatian island", clocking in the average 2726 hours of sun yearly, drawing in thousands of tourists, sailboats and yachts, but it also has a darker side.”

This stunning video took two years to create and out of the 350,000 photos that the pair took “only” around 10,000 of the best frames were used in the final video.

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