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Russians and British biggest holiday spenders in Croatia

Written by  Jul 27, 2017

Despite the general belief that foreign tourists who visit the Adriatic coast bring along all the food they intend to eat while on a holiday, an analysis of the Croatian Chamber of Commerce (HGK) has shown that foreigners spend 2.4 times more on food and drinks than Croatian tourists during their stay on the Adriatic coast.

Each foreign tourist spends on average 91 Kunas (around 12 Euros) per day on food and drinks in Croatian stores and restaurants, whilst domestic guests spend around 40 Kuna (or around 5.5 Euro). However, from HGK explain that foreign tourists spend more than 91 Kunas because this amount does not include food they pay at accommodation facilities.

The total average daily consumption of each foreign tourist during the summer months amounts to 66 Euros out of which they spend 36 Euros on accommodation, around 12 Euros on food and beverages, whilst the rest of the money or 18 Euros they spend on other purchases, sports, entertainment, excursions and culture.

The biggest consumers are tourists from Russia with a total amount of around 125 Euros, followed by the British who are slightly behind them, whilst Germans, Austrians and the Dutch spend on average 65 Euros while holidaying in Croatia.

It is interesting to note that the vast majority of Russian tourists visit the Adriatic coast using their own cars; they have it transported by train to Budapest and then drive it to their final destination on the Croatian coast. They usually stay longer in the country, from ten to fifteen days, and are not afraid of spending their money.

In the upcoming August, the Split-Dalmatia County expects an increase of its population by 38 percent in comparison to the off-season period, as well as tripled consumption of food and beverages. On the other hand, the population of the Istria County will double, whilst the consumption of food and beverages is expected to go up five times, emphasises the Croatian Chamber of Commerce.

''The average monthly turnover in the segment of food and beverages in the three most important tourist counties of Istria, Split-Dalmatia and Primorje-Gorje, is higher by 70 to 130 percent in comparison to the average annual monthly turnover in these counties. Considering that the framework estimate of a daily consumption of a domestic buyer in the food and beverages segment is below 40 Kunas, the purchasing power i.e. the consumption of foreign tourists compared to domestic buyers (local residents and domestic tourists) is around 2,4 times higher'', stated the HGK.

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