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The Gric cannon at the Lotrscak Tower The Gric cannon at the Lotrscak Tower

Top ten tourist attractions in Zagreb

Written by  Jul 27, 2017

This year the Croatian capital of Zagreb is one of the most desirable tourist locations. Apart from statistical data that confirm that fact, numerous tourists have also expressed their thrill with Zagreb on social networks and blogs.

Every year Zagreb is packed with tourists who are more than excited to explore the Croatian capital, its history and charms it offers to its visitors.

Among many enthralled visitors is one of the most famous German bloggers Victoria Ade-Genschow. She posts numerous travels on her blog British Berliner, which also includes her visit to Croatia and Zagreb.

The German blogger was especially enchanted with the Croatian capital and commented it as a desirable family destination and a great destination for young people.

In the introduction, Victoria presented Zagreb as one of the oldest cities in Central Europe with rich history and many attractions. Therefore, if you have a chance to visit Zagreb or find yourself wandering around the city, here is the list of Victoria's top ten reasons to visit the Croatian capital.

1. The Gric cannon at the Lotrscak Tower (Croatian: Grički top)

2. Zagreb's mummy Nesi Hensu

3. Bicycle rental

4. Zagreb's museums

5. The Order of the Silver Dragon on St. Mark's Square

6. Safety and cleanliness of the city

7. The Kravat Regiment

8. The Zagreb 360° viewpoint

9. Tourist walks

10. The Gric Tunnel (Croatian: Tunel Grič).

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