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If Italy and Bali had a baby, that would be Croatia - EarthyAndy

Written by  Jul 25, 2017

Travel bloggers and other similar influencers on social media have become the best ambassadors of tourism. Their recommendations reach thousands and thousands of true travel enthusiasts that consequently led to an increase of the number of guests in certain destinations. Lately there are more and more of those who come to Croatia.

One of them currently enjoying Croatia is Andrea, best known for her EarthAndy profile on Instagram. She is touring the country with her family. More than 613,000 fans have followed this native born Canadian with a Hawaiian residence on Instagram.

Andrea loves vegan and a healthy lifestyle and she is thrilled with Croatia.

''If Italy and Bali had a baby, that would be Croatia'', wrote EarthAndy on her Instagram profile pointing out that the most enchanting are small cafe bars along the coast as well as a daily offer of fresh food in every village she visits and where she collects homemade recipes.

''We are currently sailing the Adriatic Sea and we stop at small villages, meet local people and their simple and wonderful lives'', is just one of Andrea's posts on Instagram.

Below photos of beautiful locations she posts on her profile, she also writes useful health tips. ''Garlic hangs everywhere in Croatia in order to preserve freshness of the fruit. When garlic is kept in the fridge, it loses its taste. I did not know that. Garlic is well known as an anti-inflammatory agent and is good against heart diseases, cold and inflammation. Consummation of garlic reduces the level of bad cholesterol and plaque deposits in the arteries''.

At the suggestion of internet users, EarthAndy visited the Plitvice Lakes National Park with which she was enthralled.

''The song ''10,000 Emerald Pools'' was undoubtedly inspired by Plitvice in Croatia. After seven hours of walking around the lakes, waterfalls and caves, I am convinced that I have seen all the shades of blue and turquoise. We live on such a beautiful and diverse planet. Thank you for recommending me this place!'', wrote EarthAndy.

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