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Dolphin baby boom in Cres-Losinj waters

Written by  Jul 22, 2017

Non profit organization ‘Blue World Institute’ brought amazing news on their official Facebook page – in only 2 days 10 dolphin newborns were observed in Cres-Losinj waters.

-Dear friends we bring you the great news! This week our research team observed a group of 49 dolphins and within this group 9 newborn dolphins were present. Interestingly, 5 of them were clumsily swimming next to the females that became mothers for the very first time! We wish them all the success in raising their firstborns. But that is not all, in the same sighting we saw female Bully alone, but already on the following day Bully was observed also with the newborn, the smallest we’ve ever seen - just one day old! – Blue World Institute published.

They also brought a set of photos showing these sweet newborns. Visit their official Facebook page to see them.

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