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Jeremy Clarkson turns his attention to the fashion world Jeremy Clarkson turns his attention to the fashion world

Jeremy Clarkson blames Croatians for worst fashion accessory for men

Written by  Jul 10, 2017

The TV host of the ''Grand Tour'' TV show and the former host of ''Top Gear'' Jeremy Clarkson has blamed Croats and held them responsible for suffering of men through centuries.

In his latest column for The Times titled ''Centuries of male suffering inflicted by Croatian ragamuffins and French fops’’, Clarkson fiercely attacked the Croatian cravat or necktie as one of the worst fashion accessories for men.

Clarkson stated he did a little research and found out that the idea for a cravat appeared in the 17th century when ''some'' Croatian mercenaries arrived in France wearing knurled scarves around their necks. ''Instead of saying ''Thank God for your arrival, we need all the help we can get to fight against these nasty Protestants, the French (because they are French) said, ''Wow. Cool fashion accessory, guys'' and rushed to make something that was later called ''cravat'', wrote Clarkson.

The popular TV host also did not save words for his fellow-countrymen. Clarkson added that the cravat became popular among the young Brits who started wearing ''the idiotical supplement around the neck to look more like the French''.

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