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Rising divorce rate in Croatia Rising divorce rate in Croatia

34 of every 100 marriages leads to divorce in Croatia

By  Jul 10, 2017

Despite the fact that the number of divorces in Croatia has risen by 20 percent in comparison to last year, the country is still below the European average.

According to the latest data from the Central Bureau of Statistics (DZS), in 2016 the divorce rate rose by almost 20 percent compared to 2015 when 6,010 married couples got divorced. In 2014 the situation was even worse, 7,036 divorces were recorded that year.

Sandro Belic, a marriage counsellor says that more and more men want to leave the sacred institution of marriage. According to statistics, this usually occurs between the tenth and the fourteenth as well as after twentieth year of marriage.

''If we are not happy and satisfied with our relationship and we do not talk about it, we have expectations that we have not actually spoken about, thus we are on our own in our suffering. As long as we are willing to suffer, we remain in that relationship'', explains Belic.

With a divorce rate of 34 divorces per 100 marriages, Croatia is still below the European average according to which every other married couple get divorced.

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