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Eric Roberts to shoot film in Croatia

Written by  Feb 07, 2016

The film world really has fallen in love with Croatia. After Dubrovnik was chosen to be one of the main locations for the Game of Thrones serial, and the news that the eighth episode of Star Wars will be partly filmed in Dubrovnik, comes news that a new film starring Eric Roberts will be filmed in Croatia.

“Someone Dies Tonight,” is an action-thriller that is due to start filming in Croatia next month, and the star is the brother of Julia Roberts, Hollywood actor Eric Roberts. The film production Dream Team Pictures, based in Germany, and Mind Films International, from India, will jointly produce the film.

According to reports the filming will take place in Eastern Croatia, in the Osijek County, and will last till May. The film is due to be released in 2017 and the film also features the cast of Maik van Epple, Jenny Paris, Claudiu Raymond, Roni Lepej, Nina Stern, Angelo Borer, Vjekoslav Jankovic, Vjekoslav Katusin, Igor Mihalj, Alen Borbas and Costas Mandylor.

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