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Diving from Buza beach is best to avoid Diving from Buza beach is best to avoid

Australian government gives advice to citizens travelling in Croatia

Written by  Jun 23, 2017

The Australian Ministry of Foreign Affairs has recently published a list of useful advice on its official website that should be adhered to by Australian nationals who plan to visit Croatia.

The Ministry really made an effort to cover every possible situation that might occur. However, considering the fact that the latest Travel&Tourism Competitiveness Report for 2017 related to safety declared Croatia one of the safest countries in the world for holidaymakers to visit, some of the points on the list made by the Australian authorities seems more than bizarre. However the advice about jumping of rocks in Dubrovnik is one that should be heeded as every summer season the Buza rocks just outside of the Old City walls are a scene of a death or serious injury.

Here is just some of their advice; the rest can be checked on the official website:

- Australians have been severely injured after jumping off rocks and cliffs into the sea especially in Split, Dubrovnik and off the coast of the Dalmatian islands. While warning signs and safety barriers may not be in place, the dangers are clear. Your travel insurance may not cover injuries sustained from cliff jumping and diving, or while engaging in other dangerous activities. You should carefully check the details of your insurance policy

- Rowdy and drunken behaviour in public is not a typical feature of the local culture. Travellers should be aware that such behaviour will attract negative attention

- Excessive alcohol consumption has been the cause of serious accidents on 'party boats' cruising the Croatian coast

- Drug-related arrests are increasing at electronic music festivals on the Croatian coast. Australians should not consume, purchase or sell drugs, or keep company with those who do

- Avoid large gatherings of people and protests as they may turn violent

- There is a serious problem of unexploded landmines in many parts of Croatia. While mined areas are generally signposted, there may be high-risk areas that are not

- Driving in Croatia can be hazardous and accidents are common

- Protests or demonstrations may occur in Croatia. Monitor the news and other sources for information on planned and possible demonstrations or other civil unrest. Avoid all crowds, protests and demonstrations, as they may turn violent

- Petty crime, such as pick pocketing, occurs, most commonly in busy tourist areas, at bus and railway stations, on public transport and at beaches. There have been reports of gangs staging roadside emergencies and then robbing drivers who stop to offer assistance

- Never accept food or drink from strangers as there have been incidents where it has been laced with drugs

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