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Jobs in the wood industry for Vukovar Jobs in the wood industry for Vukovar

Diaspora investing in Croatia's future as Pervanovo Group looks to Vukovar

By  Jun 20, 2017

According to the latest information, better days for the poorest Croatian region of Slavonia are finally on the horizon.

The Bjelin company, a member of the Pervanovo Invest AB Group from Sweden, has expressed interest in building a factory and starting business in Vukovar.

The company engaged in the wood industry already have two plants, one located in Ogulin and the other in Bjelovar, both with long-term concessions on wood, modern sawmills and drying halls.

‘’Only by opening up new jobs in the production through existing and new investors who will open factories based on local resources in the Vukovar area, the Vukovar-Srijem County and the Republic of Croatia can populate this area and implement rapid demographic reconstruction of the most devastated region in the Homeland War’’, commented Ivan Penava, the mayor of Vukovar.

Penava also emphasized that the investment is coming from the Diaspora and that ‘’Vukovar has no longer time to wait, we want this situation to be resolved as soon as possible for the benefit of all citizens. We are talking about 250 new jobs here’’, said Penava.

Stjepan Vojinic, the general manager of the Pervanovo Group for Croatia, said that the company arrived in Croatia not to take away resources from someone, but to make a healthy foundation for a healthy investment. ‘’We have many options, and our main goal in Croatia is to manufacture new floor coverings that we have invented and patented in the past four years’’, commented Vojinic.

Pervanovo Invest is an investment and R&D company since 1993, fully owned by the Pervan family. The Pervanovo group has an asset value of over 500 million Euros and about 600 employees. Throughout the years, the group has diversified into several different areas, including flooring production, online sales, properties and tourism.

One of Pervanovo subsidiaries is Välinge Innovation AB, which is a world-leading R&D company within the flooring industry, with over 1,500 patents and nearly 200 licensees worldwide.

Pervanovo owns about 30 properties in Sweden and Croatia (Bjelin Flooring and Pervanovo Hotels) with a market value of over 150 million Euros.

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