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All airports closed in Croatia at midnight All airports closed in Croatia at midnight

Croatia Airlines flight redirected to Rome because all airports in Croatia had closed at midnight

Written by  Jun 17, 2017

Croatia Airlines flight OU664 from Zagreb to Dubrovnik had to be redirected to Rome last night due to the fact that no airport in the Republic of Croatia was open at around midnight last night, commented Croatia Airlines today. The flight from Zagreb couldn’t land at Dubrovnik Airport due to strong northerly winds and had planned to return to Zagreb when the pilot was informed that the airport didn’t have enough staff available to handle the flight. It was therefore rerouted to Rome where it landed at around one o’clock in the morning.

"Because of the sudden winds that last night exceeded Croatia Airlines' maximum permitted landing criteria for safe landing, Croatia Airlines flight on OU664 Zagreb - Dubrovnik could not land at Dubrovnik Airport, and it was decided that the plane return to the Zagreb International Airport (MZL). However MZL informed the company that it was no longer possible to take the Airbus 320 and 124 passengers at that time (about midnight), "said Croatia Airlines in a statement.

"In view of the fact that no airport was open in Croatia the plane was diverted to Rome, where passengers where put up overnight in a hotel at the expense of Croatia Airlines,” continued the press release from Croatia Airlines.

In accordance with European regulations Croatia Airlines pointed out that it provided all passengers a flight to their final destination of Dubrovnik on the first available flight. The first flight from Rome was at 1.45pm. Croatia Airlines apologised for the disturbance caused to all passengers and stated that the reasons for the redirection were out of their control.

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