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Smart wallet from Baggizmo Smart wallet from Baggizmo

Croatian start-up unveils first smart wallet in the world

By  Jun 15, 2017

Baggizmo has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the first smart wallet in the world, the so-called Wiseward.

Ladislav Juric, the team leader of the popular Croatian start up, says that with this new project they want to show technology and design their competitors have not dare to work with.

In terms of design, Wiseward is a classic handy minimalistic wallet that comes in six colours and has room for 15 credit cards. However, this wallet also has wireless charging so a user can remove a credit card or a banknote he or she wants while in the dark with a help of a RGB LED light integrated in the wallet.

The smart wallet also has an integrated small UV light that helps check if a banknote is original or fake by scanning for protective metal threads in the banknote. In addition, it also uses Bluetooth technology to connect to a mobile device and notify the owner with a sound alarm if he or she forgets the wallet or in case someone tries to steal it.

The Wiseward wallet is equipped with a gyroscope, a speedometer and a magnetic sensor that enables the owner to find out if anyone opened the wallet, messed about it, moved it etc. while he or she was not around.

Juric also explains that the wallet comes with RFID protection for ten credit cards against scanning without the owner's consent, as well as with five slots that can be used to scan credit cards without opening the wallet. Wiseward has an NFC chip that can be programmed by the owner via a mobile application.

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