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Zadar makes the London Evening Standard list Zadar makes the London Evening Standard list

Two Croatian cities feature on list of cheapest destinations in Europe

By  Jun 14, 2017

Just before the summer months officially begin, most people are trying to decide where to go for their vacation.

Nowadays more and more people are looking for cheaper destinations outside their home country in order to spend their summer vacation exploring new places and nations.

For those who choose to stay in Europe, the London Evening Standard has published a list of the top 25 cheapest city breaks in Europe. It is interesting to note that two cities from Croatia, Zagreb and Zadar have also found their place on this list.

According to the British newspaper, the average spending in Zagreb per night is £32 or 260 Kunas, whilst in Zadar is £36.50 or 306 Kunas. The capital cities of the neighbouring countries of Slovenia (Ljubljana) and Serbia (Belgrade) are also on the list.

As far as other European cities are concerned, the average spending in Bratislava per night is £36 (around 300 Kunas) as much as in Athens and Riga. However, the average spending in Istanbul is much lower, around £27 (around 226 Kunas) just like in Belgrade.

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