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Construction of largest ship ever built in Croatia to cost 340 million

Written by  Jun 01, 2017

According to information, a Croatian shipping company is to build the largest ship ever built in a Croatian shipyard.

However, there is still no official confirmation from the Split shipyard Brodosplit because no contract has been signed yet, but it seems that the agreement has been reached after a year of negotiation.

Various suppliers have already been contacted to participate in the construction of the ship, whilst naval architects have been working day and night.

The cruise ship, which is to be built for a German company will be 250 metres long with 12 decks and a maximum capacity for 1,200 passengers and 600 crew members. The value of this contract is estimated at 340 million Euros.

This type of ship is usually ordered in the option ''one plus one'', i.e. one firm plus one optional new building.

Despite this great news for Brodosplit and the Croatian shipping industry in general, the biggest challenge they have to face now is how to close the financial structure. Such a huge order has never been obtained in Croatia before and is beyond the Croatian frameworks. Domestic banks cannot follow the process, however, if everything goes right, the contract should be signed during this summer.

So far, the largest ship that was built in the Brodosplit shipyard was a Ro-Pax Ferry & Cargo ship ‘’Piana’’, which was delivered to the French company SNC Navale STEF-TFE in 2011. Due to its complex construction and the contracted price of 150 million Euros, this ship was the most expensive ship ever built in the Croatian shipyards.

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