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Vinyl business cards Vinyl business cards Ivan Dilberovic

Vinyl business card wins awards in Los Angeles

By  May 21, 2017

At the latest international design contest IDA International design awards held in Los Angeles, Croatia has achieved great success.

Among 1,000 applied projects from 52 world countries, the Croatian designer Ivan Dilberovic won four awards. He swept up his rivals by winning the silver prize in the category of ‘‘Print-Self Promotion'' for his project ''Play It!'', i.e. a vinyl business card that he made for the Croatian Discography Association. The same project also received a special jury award in the category of ''Self Promotion''.

vinyl business cards

Vinyl business cards 

It all started with the idea of recycling old music records. Dilberovic's slogan in designing a vinyl business card was ''Reduce-Reuse-Recycle''.

''As soon as the Croatian Discography Association invited me to design business cards for them, I came up with a brilliant idea. I suggested them to use old music records that were resting peacefully in their warehouse, and my concept was accepted'', explained young Dilberovic.

Out of each record, he made ten business cards by a technology of laser cutting, whilst data about a person and the association was later added on each copy. All business cards are unique, and each card contains a different sound recording. ''I tried them all and they can still play music!'', commented Ivan Dilberovic.

The originality and innovation of Ivan's idea has been proven by more than 30 articles about this project published by the major world design portals such as Fubiz, Design Week, Mixmag, and many others.

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