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Croatia technology opens up the skies and brings an alternative to satellites

Written by  May 19, 2017

In cooperation with the American giant technology company Intel, Oracle Croatia organized the eleventh Oracle Cloud Day conference in Zagreb on the 16th of May under the title ''Innovation for growth, knowledge for control''.

The main conference topics were transformation of IT and core business operations through cloud and capitalization on opportunities provided by digitalization of business processes.

This year's conference gathered more than 300 participants mostly domestic business and ICT community leaders, IT experts, as well as speakers from Croatia and abroad.

Representatives of Hipersfera, Multicom, HEP (Croatian Electric Power Company), Addiko Bank, Avnet, Combis, and King ICT held interesting presentations.

However, the most interesting participant at the Oracle Day conference was Hipersfera, one of the most ambitious start ups in Croatia in terms of hardware, which presented its detailed action plan for the next few years.

The HiperSfera company from Zagreb is best known for their unmanned airship technology. HiperSfera airship is designed for a slow flight or hovering, all-weather long-endurance operations and mission specific payloads. ''It has the ability to position a dedicated payload high above the area of interest, in a reliable, safe and cost-effective manner. It can do all that for an extended period of time either as an individual vehicle (while moored) or as a coordinated airship fleet (free flying)’’.

The HiperSfera airship can effectively replace the satellite, because only one such vehicle covers an area of 2,500 square metres, providing the image resolution identical to the one from the satellite, but with several advantages. First, the airship does not orbit the Earth and its maintenance is far easier, let alone cheaper. On the other hand, it is stationary, unlike the satellite, which orbits the Earth and cannot send images in real time, whilst the airship can.

In addition, the HiperSfera airship is most effective above densely populated urban areas, where it can regulate air traffic and traffic control in general. It can also be used for science research that requires the shooting of inaccessible terrain, in the prevention of fires, for broadband telecommunications in order to replace mast-based antenna systems of a classic mobile network, as well as for smart farming, and maritime and land border surveillance.

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