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Hedona making tasty profit for work force Hedona making tasty profit for work force

First social enterprise in Croatia grows a tasty profit

By  Apr 15, 2017

Hedona Ltd Chocolaterie was founded by the Association of Disabled People Krizevci in February 2013 with the aim of providing work primarily for the disabled. In May 2015, this small chocolate factory had six employees, but as the market started recognizing the quality of the products, business started to grow.

Most of the employed people with disabilities have never worked before so this was their first chance to contribute to the society and at the same time feel useful and good about themselves.

The employees of Hedona Ltd Chocolaterie make a small-trained team; they work eight hours a day, pour the chocolate mass into the moulds and then pack their divine homemade chocolate products in attractive packaging.

The factory produces 900 chocolate products a day of three basic types of chocolate, white, dark and milk. They produce dark chocolate with 71 percent cocoa, milk chocolate with 34 percent cocoa in a 100 g packaging, Goddess broken chocolate, which is a mixture of milk, and dark chocolate with chopped hazelnuts and dry fruit, as well as pralines with various fillings.

Hedona is the first social enterprise in Croatia; therefore, it means that every earned Kuna is being invested in workers.

‘’The establishment of our social enterprise provides an example to the entire country that one association is able to found such an enterprise itself and employ people with disabilities’’, claims Petar Gastric, the president of the Association of Disabled People in Krizevci.

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