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Chinese to invest $30 million in Croatian car manufacturer

By  Apr 13, 2017

One of the leading manufacturers of batteries and battery packs from China will invest $30 million in the Croatian electric car manufacturer Rimac Automobili.

A few days ago, Camel Group from China signed an agreement on investing $27 million in Rimac Automobili and $3 million in Rimac’s Greyp Bikes.

The Chinese company said in a statement that the Rimac technology is definitely at the top of the world level. They also stated that Camel Group focused on high performance electric cars, battery systems, automotive electronics and the development of systems for information and fun.

Camel Group Co., Ltd. is an integrated high-tech enterprise specialized for developing, manufacturing and sales of batteries in China, Europe, the United States, Africa, and Southeast Asia. The company produces almost 400 types of batteries that are used in automobiles, agricultural vehicles, ships, trucks, golf carts, electric cars, electric motors, electric bicycles, and for various special purposes.

The company is also involved in the lead recycling business and production of various battery related plastic products.
Camel Group Co., Ltd. was founded in 1980 and employs 5,755 people.

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