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XPRIZE could take Croatian technology to the moon XPRIZE could take Croatian technology to the moon

Could Croatians go to the moon with Google

By  Apr 12, 2017

‘’While many organizations have turned their attention to Mars and beyond, we could still learn quite a bit from Earth's nearby satellite’’, said Google.

The most popular web browser Google launched an interesting competition almost a decade ago. The first team to successfully launch a spacecraft, land it on the Moon, travel at least 500 metres and transmit pictures and video from the surface before the 31st of December 2017, will take home the prize of $20 million.

It has been more than 44 years since the last human walked on the Moon, and the most recent Moon landing was carried out by China in 2013 with their Chang’e 3 mission.

Back in 2007, Google announced its Lunar XPRIZE competition. The goal of the project was to initiate healthy competition to get human technology back on the Moon. Out of the 16 teams that made it to last year, only five are left with a chance to make it to the valuable cash prize waiting for them at the finishing line.

A team from Croatia led by an adventurer and explorer Nebojsa Stanojevic has found its place in this prestigious group. His team Synergy Moon consists of 150 people from 18 countries from all over the world. ‘’We have some serious space professionals, scientists, engineers as well as artists, enthusiasts and visionaries in our team’’, commented Miroslav Ambrus-Kis, one of the members of the Croatian team.

The Synergy Moon team made it to the TOP 5 teams along with the teams from Israel, the US, Japan and India, and they will all try to achieve the main goal – landing on the Moon.
Interestingly, the Croatian team has announced that they will bring along a bottle of famous Istrian wine Teran into space.

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