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Diving in Croatia has a lot to offer Diving in Croatia has a lot to offer

Adriatic Sea holds hidden treasures for diving tourism

By  Apr 11, 2017

The Croatian Adriatic is full of centuries-old stories that evidence the fate of numerous sailors and aviators who lost their lives in the depths.

Hundreds of thousands of tourists come to the shores of the Adriatic every year to dive and discover such interesting stories, as well as pristine sea flora and fauna, enriched by almost 3,000 shipwrecks and aircraft that have been resting peacefully on the seabed for centuries.

Therefore, it is no wonder that diving tourism along with research and a peek into the depths of the Adriatic Sea has become a tourist hit, especially thanks to the fact that this closed sea once was the waterway from ancient Greece to Italy, as well as the scene of many naval battles.

''The tourist offer of our underwater treasure is not exploited enough; these are exhibits of the underwater museum whose best promoters are diving centres. Each of the exhibits has its own story, history, circumstances, and people are very interested in these things'', said Danijel Frka, an underwater researcher and writer.

It is interesting to note that the most numerous tourists who visit Croatia for its attractive diving locations are Germans, followed by the Poles, Hungarians, Italians and the Czechs.

''The Adriatic is a very attractive closed sea with history full of stories, tragedy and events divers like to explore. Wrecks attract people who like such historical stories, and this type of diving is a real hit everywhere around the world. For example, diving tourism is the leading industry in Malta. On the other hand, Croatia has all preconditions to make this type of tourist offer its greatest asset in the tourist promotion'', explained Zoran Ergovic, an experienced diving instructor.

Here is the list of the TOP 10 diving locations in Croatia:

1. ''Francesca da Rimini'' (shipwreck) near the island of Kaprije

2. ''Mirano'' (shipwreck) near Primosten

3. ''Vassilios T'' (shipwreck) near Komiza on the island of Vis

4. ''Teti'' (shipwreck) near Komiza on Vis

5. ''Brioni'' (shipwreck) near the island of Vis

6. ''B-17'' (airplane wreckage) near Vis

7. ''Ursus'' (shipwreck) near Vis

8. ''S-57'' (boat wreck) near the peninsula of Peljesac

9. An ancient merchant ship (shipwreck) near the island of Lastovo

10. An ancient ship with amphoras (shipwreck) near Cavtat.

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