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One of the greatest Croatian love stories ends Zeljko Muzevic / CROPIX

One of the greatest Croatian love stories ends

By  Apr 05, 2017

Have you heard of Klepetan and Malena? These two storks have been meeting year after year for the past 15 years on the roof of the elementary school in Brodski Varos. Klepetan, the most famous stork in Croatia, flew 13 thousand kilometres every year from South Africa and always returned to his nest with Malena, who has a broken wing. However, it seems that this great romantic story has come to an end this year as he hasn't returned to his waiting "Juliet." 

Klepetan would always come before March 30, mostly on March 24th, sometimes a few days late, but never in April. Therefore it seems that he is not going to come at all this year. Stjepan Vokic, the janitor who takes care of Malena, fears that Klepetan died during his journey.

This interesting and romantic couple, who have many fans in Croatia and across the world, have brought up 58 little storks over the years. These little ones would always leave with their father to South Africa. 

It’s interesting that the Serbian media published that Klepetan had returned to his Malena today, but sadly that didn’t happen. We still have hope that he’ll show up.

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