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Istrian wines recognised with international accolade Istrian wines recognised with international accolade

Istria selected as wine region of the year for 2017

By  Apr 03, 2017

One of the largest non-profit wine associations in the world has chosen the Croatian region of Istria as its wine region for 2017.

Munskänkarna, a Swedish and Finnish wine tasting organization, established in Stockholm in 1958, has over 25,000 members and 170 sections all over Sweden and other world countries.

In previous years, the organization proclaimed world regions like Lower Austria, Montsant and Priorat in Spain, as well as Napa and Sonoma in the US, as its wine regions, but this year, due to climate peculiarities, beautiful landscape and exceptional wines produced by Istrian winemakers, Istria was a logical choice for Munskänkarna members, said Vinistra.
On proclaiming Istria as the wine region of the year, representatives of the Munskänkarna association are touring Istria to visit winemakers in Istria as well as tourist facilities in order to start a concrete cooperation with Istrian winemakers in 2017.

At a ceremony in Porec a few days ago, numerous Istrian winemakers presented their wines such as Agrolaguna, Benvenuti, Coslovich, Monte Rosso, Kabola etc. Lena Sthal, the chairperson of the board of the Swedish association, the president of the Vinistra association Nikola Benvenuti, and the Swedish Ambassador to Croatia Lars Schmidt also attended the ceremony.

On this occasion, the Swedish ambassador emphasized that this cooperation only indicated great economic potential between the two countries in a variety of industries and that finally the Swedes would have the opportunity to enjoy excellent Istrian wines at their homes.

''We are convinced that this is a new start of opening Istria to markets of northern Europe. It is important to say that the opinion of the association Munskänkarna has a great influence on wine imports and creates a wine scene in Sweden and neighbouring countries. Furthermore, our success is the result of our efforts, hard work and commitment, as well as of our investment in education of winemakers, all in order to raise the quality of wine production'', concluded Benvenuti.

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